Wellness Tourism - The Fastest Growing Nation Is India

Dan Rang - Sep 29, 2014
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A recent study by SRI International has shown that India could be the fastest growing nation in wellness tourism by 2019. According to the study, this could be after India starts filling up a profit margin of over 20 percent annually by the end of 2017.

The study by the US-based, non-profit and independent research center goes on to point out that the wellness industry, which currently accounts for about 14 percent of the total tourism outlay, runs at a total expenditure of $423 billion worldwide as compared to global tourism industry which runs at $3.2 trillion. 

Wellness tourism is simply a form of tourism that involves travelling with a sole purpose of promoting the overall wellbeing and condition of the people in your destination country through psychological, spiritual, and physical activities. 

Also predicted is the total wellness market that’s expected to exceed the projected $18 billion made in a span of 4 years. In highlights, luxury wellness tourism sector is projected to virtually grow 50 percent faster when compared to global tourism, come 2017.

Very acquiescent to the established report, Paras Shahdadpur – the president of Indian Businesses and Professional council – was quick to point out how India was not only a country of wealthy knowledge but also one with a well-established medical system for treating people and maintaining their wellbeing through therapies and natural means.

“India must step forward to give its treasured gift of naturopathy to mankind… Unfortunately, we are so used to quick fixes through allopathy, which apparently treats manifestations only instead of treating the real causes,” quipped Paras. 


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