Top Indian Cities for Street Art

Justin N. Froyd - Jun 24, 2013
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Street art and graffiti may look random and crazy. However, the truth is that there is a lot of talent and creativity that goes into making it.

If you like to go globe-trotting with your shutterbugs and paintbrushes, here is a proper lineup of the best places and cities in the culturally rich country of India where you can find some of the finest exhibits of street art and graffiti.

New Delhi

It is difficult to believe that a buzzing metropolis like Delhi can also be a home to art. Yet, the biggest evidence of Delhi's artistic heritage lies in its timeless buildings. From the monuments of the Mughal times to the fine exhibits of the Lutyen's Age like the Rajpath or India Gate and the bungalows, every part of the two versions of the city is blessed with a fine sense of art.

And in the more modern parts of the town, one can also come across some new graffiti artists who are painting up iconic spots in South Delhi with their artistic outputs as well.

Delhi is a bustling city that gives you the advantage to witness every piece of modern art as well as the city's original heritage of art as well.


The financial and fashion capital of India, the city of Bombay, formed by joining together different islands, is a city with a throbbing culture of street art. You can find some of the finest and most significant pieces of art on the Art Deco buildings which face the Seaside. Every year in February, the city organizes a famous and sensational Kala Ghoda Art Festival where you can find some of the best artists setting up installations and paintings. There are paintings lined up in the streets.

There are large pieces of graffiti painted on walls and alleys like those on Peddar Road and Worli. And then, there are movie posters and two extraordinary art galleries to fascinate you even more.


Called unanimously as the Pink City, Jaipur in Rajasthan is one of the most artistically beautiful cities in the world. The name applies to it because of the buildings and small dwellings that have been made out of pink sandstone as well as painted in bright pink. There are other buildings as well which have been painted in a similar fashion.

This is also a city that sets up some of the finest and most well-preserved exhibits of ancient Indian art down on its streets. Its streets, alleys, bazaars and other places are filled with wondrous delights and they all have a nice traditional look. In contrast to the heterogeneous art culture of Calcutta and Delhi and the buzzing urban culture of Bombay, Jaipur plays it traditional.


Sometimes called as the City of Joy, Calcutta boasts of a solid and well-entrenched culture of fine art. This is a city where the walls and facades have been recklessly painted with slogans and symbols of Communist parties. Today, all of that has been preserved and those political posters are considered as the finest exhibits of street art in India.

You can also find more places like streets and hidden alleys where the traditional sculptors of the town create stunning statues and idols of goddesses during the festive occasions. The Gothic-style buildings are still very artistic. And there are also old art galleries where you can come across some unconventionally artistic outputs of the city's talents.



The IT hub of Bangalore is a city that is slowly but steadily emerging as one of the biggest cities in the field of modern art. This city is home to some of the artists who are known for their high level of urban creativity. Given that this is also the hub of designers and engineers, they are able to craft the best outputs in the field.

The city has the best possible talents who spread their creativity throughout the country itself. Bangalore is a city that boasts of some of the younger talents and artists who will help to make the whole of India a great place in every sense. Bangalore is a city with a new and emerging street art culture.

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