HERITAGE/ Mural Towns and Street Art Havens

Lyon in France, Chemainus in British Columbia, Jaipur in India – they all have something in common. These cities are well known and loved for murals and street art with a message. Explore world’s metropolises and their art atmosphere.



Cities with the Most Amazing Street Art

Bill Alen

Art is something that fascinates us in its many forms. It represents our individual creativity and ingenuity. The most common form of art is that of paintings and portraits which are made by the talented artists of the world. However, there is no golden rule that you have to browse through the extensive art galleries for witnessing the finest pieces of art. You can also find right it in the streets. And street art is not just about exhibitions and art expos held in broad daylight. Street art al...

Chemainus, British Columbia: The Little Town that Re-Invented Itself!

Samuel Dorsi

Driving north for about an hour on the scenic highway out of Vancouver Island’s city of Victoria, visitors see large signs inviting a right turn to Chemainus (chemainus.com) with its world-renowned collection of outdoor murals that illustrate the history of this town. A five-minute meander on a narrower road through verdant green forest opens directly into the sea-front community with its picturesque harbor dotted with islands. Here is a chance to step into the colourful tale of a 155-year...

Street Art in India – Buzzing Cities Meeting Traditions

Justin N. Froyd

Street art and graffiti may look random and crazy. However, the truth is that there is a lot of talent and creativity that goes into making it. If you like to go globe-trotting with your shutterbugs and paintbrushes, here is a proper lineup of the best places and cities in the culturally rich country of India where you can find some of the finest exhibits of street art and graffiti. New Delhi It is difficult to believe that a buzzing metropolis like Delhi can also be a home to art. Yet, the...

Exploring Lyon's Artistic Nature through Murals, Graffiti and Street Art

Gary Diskin

Lyon is a city that prides itself on its artistic side and while it has the usual galleries, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon being a great home of impressionism away from the capital and a favorite of the guidebooks, you need to take a different approach if you want to see what the artists of Lyon are really up to. Street art has been developing in this French city and defining its cultural identity for decades, from vast murals to small stencils and everything in between. CitéCréation and t...