Best Cities with Fabulous Street Art

Bill Alen - Jun 24, 2013
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Art is something that fascinates us in its many forms. It represents our individual creativity and ingenuity. The most common form of art is that of paintings and portraits which are made by the talented artists of the world. However, there is no golden rule that you have to browse through the extensive art galleries for witnessing the finest pieces of art.

You can also find right it in the streets. And street art is not just about exhibitions and art expos held in broad daylight. Street art also consists of graffiti and other kinds of artwork painted on the walls of streets and buildings as well. Here is a look at the cities that boast of the best street art.

Valparaiso, Chile

This fantastic city in exotic Chile is known for the small and pretty colorful buildings which mark its entire skyline. With its gently undulating terrain, there has also been the need to sculpt staircases which are today a part of the city's architecture. But this city also has a tradition of graffiti.

Back in the 70s, it was used by the local folks to raise their voice against the Pinochet rule over the nation. Thankfully, most of the original artwork is still preserved as a part of the cultural heritage of the city. So, you can opt for tours that will take you around the graffiti-laden walls of the city as well as its streets and alleys. You can come across some great exhibits of colorful political artwork.

London, UK

Holding the reputation of being one of the most buzzing cities in the world, London has also the fame of being a larger-than-life exhibit of modern art. Just scoot off to the Sherlock Holmes-haunted corners of East End. This is where you can come across London's wild and Bohemian side, with ingenious artists etching bizarre graffiti on the walls and facades.

Some of the more professional artists have put up motif-based graffiti in some of the historical spots across the city. Many of these pieces of art have now become quite famous and they attract a large number of tourists from all over the world.

Berlin, Germany

The cultural wealth of this city may have plummeted back in the days of the Third Reich. However, ever since the Berlin Wall had become the bone of contention, the new-age artists of the 80s have more than made up with their innovative and symbolic outputs. Even today, the abandoned chunks of the Berlin Wall are dotted with political messages scrawled across them.

You can click some great photographs of these historically significant exhibits of street art. And the graffiti craze seems to have latched itself to other modern artists as well. You can head off to iconic spots like Alexanderplatz and other famous and busy places. So, Berlin would also rank as one of the best cities for its store of modern street art.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is known for its big attractions and its association with famous sporting events from Cricket World Cup to the Olympics. But it is also one of the emerging cities for street art. The city is witnessing a new surge of designers and painters who are known for unleashing the ingenious and stunning exhibits of stencil art.

The stencil art is something that most of the Melbourne artists do quite well. This means that they are also equipped with new designs and ideas. They are also known for some great art expos in which there are some innovative and path-breaking art installations and setups which will appeal to a large number of art enthusiasts over and over again.

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