Bill Alen - Apr 6, 2015
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All travelers know the perfect pictures of cities offering remarkable sights and exciting activities. The fascinating photos however say nothing about the smell of the place. reveals the smelliest cities around the world.

Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua is located near numerous hot springs and geysers. Therefore, while in the city especially for the first time, you will surely catch the smell of rotten eggs. As a result of this very strong odor, the city was even nicknamed the Sulphur city. What is actually interesting is that the locals are so used to it that they tell visitors that the smell will grow on them and even be missed.

Mombasa, Kenya

Located along the Indian Ocean coast, the smell attributed to this city is a result of the finish material used to finish buildings and statues. Most of the buildings and statues in Mombasa have been finished using terracotta. Due to the tropical sun, terracotta is sunbaked and releases a characteristic smell when it rains.

York, England

The city is just a few miles away from the Nestle Rowntree factory. Therefore, scents of sweet chocolate infiltrate the city when wind blows towards the city from the factory direction. In fact the area's tourist board initiated a "Smell York" guide which is scented to tout the status of the area as the "home of chocolate" in Britain.

Edinburgh, Scotland

This city is home to many breweries and distilleries. Therefore in the city, the smell of alcohol is the norm. In fact in 2009, one of the distilleries called the North British Distillery was made to tame the smell by using what was referred to as "odor control towers".

Buffalo, New York

The city is home to the Cheerios manufacturer – General Mills plant. Sometimes, Buffalo becomes engulfed in the smell of toasted oats. Interestingly, the locals are so much in love with the smell that they sell T-shirts declaring that Buffalo smells like Cheerios.

Fez, Morocco

While in Fez, you will catch a leathery smell all over – even in the streets that are uniquely narrow. Apparently, Fez is home to the oldest and still functioning tannery in the world.

Mumbai, India

According to the experts, the city smells awesomely good. With a combination of the salty ocean smell, smells of motor exhaust, air conditioning, tropical rot, frying palm oil, and the numerous Indian spices, the city is surely vibrant.

Bangkok, Thailand

The locals love the stinky durian fruit. If you go to the food markets, you will catch this smell for sure. The fruit smells so bad that it has actually been banned from public transport.

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