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If you've been through Europe, you might have noticed the empty streets after dusk, the closed stores and bars, the lack of traffic and the silence that comes with it. While this atmosphere may be common in small, quaint towns, it certainly does not apply to the big cities and is downright improper for the seven European destinations described here. While in other places, folks decide to get a good night's sleep, in these large metropolitan areas the night is still young. And it remains that way until the early hours of the morning. From the most traditional pub to atmospheric jazz clubs and a variety of shows, there's no way you'll get bored here. Brought to your by

Stockholm, Sweden

Surprised? Don't let the quiet iciness of Sweden deceive you. Stockholm is in a league of its own when it comes to nightlife. If you simply want to enjoy a drink in peace, you won't have to worry that others might ruin your relaxation; the loud places are much further to the south. To the north you'll find the classier establishments.
Speaking of enjoying a glass, you won't have a problem in finding rare wines in Stockholm, provided you end up at the Riche. Also, if loudness is really not your thing, make sure to visit the Vinbar Gondolen for a relaxing evening and a great view of the water. At Fashing you're bound to listen to famous jazz musicians displaying their immense talent.

Ibiza, Spain

At the opposite spectrum of entertainment from Stockholm, you'll find Ibiza, an island for which partying is a culture in itself. And you owe it to yourself to visit it for the memories that you're not likely to forget anytime soon. Ibiza takes its clubs to a whole new level, one in which every night it's the fourth of July.

Giant robots flying above the crowd, astronomic quantities of foam and fascinating light shows make for a surreal experience. From beach parties in the sun to the most renowned DJ's on the planet at night, you'll have your hands full. The island also caters for all wallet sizes, just in case you'd like a more exclusive time.

London, UK

Nightlife is ubiquitous here; even the Royal Opera House hosts opera and ballets well into the am's. There's a shoe for every foot here and it's almost impossible to not find what you're looking for. If it's the traditional pub you want, pass by the Jerusalem Tavern, hopefully you'll find some seats. With a relaxed atmosphere and one of the longest lists of ale and beer in all of the UK, drinking has never been more fun.
If you want a cocktail in a classier place, visit the Blue Bar, inside the Berkeley Hotel. The cocktails are an experience in itself, since the staff is rather creative. The creativity doesn't stop at the drinks though. Here you can also listen to live jazz performances.

Paris, France

It wouldn't be much of a City of Lights without people to gaze at them. And what better time for that than at night? The Moulin Rouge is a staple of Parisian entertainment and also a fun cultural lesson. Enjoy the cabaret with a glass of champagne at your side and try out some of the cuisine.
If up for an adventure, try to gain access to Silencio, an exclusive nightclub created by David Lynch himself. It's free for all after midnight but your chances to meet some of Hollywood's most famous drop drastically.

Barcelona, Spain

Be prepared to wake up while the sun is high up in the sky. Also keep in mind that it's best to start having fun after 1 in the morning, just so you won't be the only one.
Row 14 becomes lively only after 6 in the morning. You could try to wake up for it but it's better to just sleep later. You'll find most of the clubs in the northern parts of Barcelona and they're all at their most active after 2 am.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As you might have expected from a city with so much weed culture, the Dutch are rather laid back. This isn't Ibiza, there's nothing too over the top to shock your senses. You will however find some of the best pubs in Europe.
Paradiso is as close to a club as it can get with live shows and themed nights. The Movies is a cinema with over a century of history within. It also has a bar and a restaurant. And let's not forget The Red Light District, one that really needs no further description.

Berlin, Germany

Holland and Germany might be neighboring countries, but their people have a different understanding of what nightlife should be. You'll find your share of loud nightclubs and parties that go on until the sun comes up.
For the ones that simply want to relax, there are some options out there. One is the Victoria Bar, a 70's themed establishment in which you can carry out a conversation. Green Door is another lounge worth checking out as their drinks tend to be unique, as is the atmosphere.

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