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Vietnam is a remarkable country with long history and rich cultural heritage. Its tourism industry however is fighting a number of problems. Explore Vietnam and its woes.



Tourism Industry in Vietnam Faces a Number of Issues

Denise Chen

Vietnam is a country that has faced a number of problems in the recent times. These problems include economic, political as well as social problems. Despite of all these, the country’s tourism industry has experienced a steady growth. The positive development can be attributed to the immense promotions organized by the industry players and stakeholders which includes travel agencies, airlines, and travel accommodation players. Different advertisement methods and promotional products, for instan...

5-Star Hotels Are Not Safe for Tourists

Ashley Nault

When tourists are planning a trip to Vietnam, those who can afford luxury usually book rooms in 5-star hotels. This is because they trust the level of security provided in these hotels among other things such as comfort and good food. However, it seems that these hotels are the most dangerous for tourists in Vietnam. This is evident in the series of crimes that foreign tourists have fallen victim to. To make it even worse, the poor services of the police make the situation much harder for the vi...

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Vietnam

Chris Grad

Vietnam is a good choice for holiday thanks to the many attractive sites it has to offer. The natural beauty is phenomenal, ranging from the vast rice fields found in the northern part of the country, to the ever busy Mekong Delta on the far south. The other features that make Vietnam stand out include its rich history and traditions marked by several historical monuments and old temples. Some of the amazing top ten tourist attractions found in Vietnam include. Ha Long Bay Ha Long Bay literall...

Vietnam May Expand Its Visa Waiver Program for 9 More Countries

Gregory Dolgos

According to Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Transport have made proposals to the government of Vietnam to expand its waiver scheme for tourists from nine more countries. If the proposal is approved, visitors from Canada, India, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Spain, UK, Germany and France travelling to Vietnam would enjoy visa exemptions. According to VNAT, the aim of visa exemptions is to boost the attractiven...