Ten Tips to Look Good with Renters

Samuel Dorsi - Jan 25, 2010
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Renters are back in force after the New Year to book vacations. Here are ten tips to close bookings quickly and ensure repeat business next year.

  1. Respond – Remember this old saying? – The early bird gets the worm. Respond, the faster the better!
  2. And, follow up – Many renters are shopping around and a single reply may get lost in the shuffle.
  3. Social Skills – Being polite and courteous goes a long way! Renters don’t care if you are in hurry or having a bad day, they want good customer service.
  4. Get visual – Plenty of high quality, up to date photos and/or a virtual tour. Don’t make renters ask, “Do you have additional photos?” We find that many individual owners have much better descriptions than property managers. These descriptions are absolutely critical to get renters to rent with you.
  5. Pricing – Know your competition – don’t be afraid to price your property slightly less than your competitors, waive a fee, or offer a discount. Renters love to feel they are getting a good deal.
  6. Condition – Interior and Exterior property conditions are very important in attracting renters. Have your properties inspected on a regular basis. All repairs, no matter how minor, must be attended to promptly.
  1. Cleanliness – You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression, this really holds true for your rental property. One of the biggest complaints made by renters has to do with lack of cleanliness. Do you use a cleaning service? – When was the last time you checked up on them? Have an outdoor grill? Who was the last one to check under the lid besides a renter?
  2. A Pleasant Surprise – Who doesn’t love a nice unexpected touch? A vase of flowers, a few chocolates, or a small basket of fresh fruit – with a welcome note. These items only cost a few dollars but are memorable to the renter, they can help you stand apart and bring repeat business.
  3. Issue Resolution – Problems for a renter during their stay? Did the dishwasher break down, the previous tenant took off with all the flatware and you didn’t know it, your cleaning crew wasn’t up to par? Whatever it is do what it takes to make it right for your renter. Unhappy renters let other people know it and word of mouth is a powerful thing!
  1. Thank You – Send a card or email to the renter and thank them for staying with you. You can get creative, offer an incentive on a return stay, a gift card for a local eatery, coffee shop, or attraction. Something for them to remember you by.

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