Joe McClain - May 20, 2013
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Imagine it. You’ve spent the winter months slaving away at your job and all you want to do is lie back in luxurious surroundings for a week or two and let the stresses of the modern world drift away. But they don’t...instead your “luxury holiday” turns into a stressful nightmare and all you end up wanting to do is go home!

Thankfully, a little research can make sure this nightmare doesn’t become a reality so if you’re thinking of booking an all-inclusive luxury getaway this summer, then here are a few things you MUST do first!


Location is the most important thing. Some places may advertise luxury accommodation but you need to know exactly what they class this as. Have a look on the Internet at the location of your resort. Is it near the beach like it says? Are there a lot of half-built developments surrounding it? Is it in a part of town known for its beauty or is it next to a huge motorway?

A good way to do this is to check independent reviews of the location and of course, you can look at overhead satellite maps too.

Services offered

Many companies, such as Club Med luxury breaks, offer fantastic and luxurious services such as spas, relaxation treatments and fantastic day-long activities that are truly worth the money but you need to research them to know they’re there.

Take a good look at your tour company website and determine what services are offered at your chosen resort. You can always drop them an email or give them a ring if there is anything you’re unsure about or any extra information you desire.


Make sure you look at the weather patterns for the destination you’re thinking of. Whilst you may type its name into the Internet and get a filmstrip of pictures showing golden beaches and sun-kissed palms this may only be one side of the area’s climate. Looking up the predominant weather patterns at the time of year you intend to travel is a good way of making sure you get the weather that you want on your trip.

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