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How do you ensure that your luxury holidays live up to their price tag? Here are 5 tips to make sure you get the most out of your vacation.

1. Read reviews

Although it can take some time to go through the reams of information available online about a particular hotel/attraction/tour, it is definitely worth the effort. Reviews are typically a great source of information about what to see and when. Pay attention to the date on the reviews – holiday experiences are typically seasonal, but what these seasons are varies from place to place.

2. Enjoy the journey

Remember that the most important thing you have to do is have a good time. Bring earplugs/a music player to block out the noisy children you may find yourself sitting next to. If you hate flying, bring some sleeping tablets – after all, no flight is quicker than the one you sleep through! If you find yourself sitting next to someone who is irritating you for whatever reason, ask an air steward to find you another seat. Who knows, you might get an upgrade. It’s also recommended to travel light – less to lose, less to carry, and more of an incentive to immerse yourself in the country you’re actually visiting should you need to buy something.

3. Have a budget, and stick to it

If you’re worried about generating a large credit card bill, don’t bring a credit card. Make sure you know what you can get for free. Make sure to venture outside of your swanky accommodation to sample local fare. Restaurants in luxury hotels often inflate their prices because they know that for a large percentage of their guests, money simply is not an issue. Price here is not an exact indicator of quality.

4. Spend time apart

This really only applies if you are travelling with others, but it absolutely key. Due to the demanding nature of the lives we live today, many of us are typically unused to spending large amounts of concentrated time with each other. With families, this can often result in arguments which detract from the holiday experience. This is one of the reasons it is doubly important for children to have something to distract themselves with during travel.

5. Don’t plan too much

One of the greatest things about a holiday is often that it is a break from the stress of getting as much as possible done in the shortest amount of time in our working lives. Let yourself be guided what you feel like doing at the time, rather than what you have assigned yourself to do previously.

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