Professional: Holiday Home Rentals Going Online

Holiday rentals are one of the fastest-growing yet under-studied sectors in the online travel market. Holiday rentals represent a more than $24 billion opportunity in the U.S. alone, yet only 27% of rental owners are online. Get updated on the latest trends in the industry and its challenges.


Travellers Seeking Value Turn to Online Holiday Rentals

Richard Moor

As travellers attempt to stretch their holiday pounds further during these tough economic times, an increasing number are turning to holiday home rentals for everything from family holidays to reunions and festivals. Not surprising when you consider that per square foot, the cost of a rental can work out up to four times cheaper than a hotel, according to market leader HomeAway UK. Online holiday rentals move in to the mainstream Courtney Wylie, General Manager for HomeAway Holiday-Rentals c...

Major Vacation Rental Myth Debunked: SNAD

Gregory Dolgos

It is the vacation rental industry's dirty four-letter word: SNAD. It stands for "significantly not as described" and refers to a seemingly widely held perception that, all too often, travelers arrive at a home or condo they rented for their vacation to find it is, well, significantly not as it was advertised to them. But despite the consumer travel media coverage of those negative experiences with vacation rentals, PhoCusWright research clearly indicates that such occurrences are outliers. I...

Ten Tips to Look Good with Renters

Samuel Dorsi

Renters are back in force after the New Year to book vacations. Here are ten tips to close bookings quickly and ensure repeat business next year. Respond – Remember this old saying? – The early bird gets the worm. Respond, the faster the better! And, follow up – Many renters are shopping around and a single reply may get lost in the shuffle. Social Skills – Being polite and courteous goes a long way! Renters don’t care if you are in hurry or having a bad day,...

Economy to Motivate Second Homes Owners to Rent Their Vacation Homes

Laura Maudlin

With the vacation rental market estimated at $24B, the growing and popular lodging sector motivated PhocusWright – a leading travel research firm – to conduct the industry’s first ever dedicated market study. Co-sponsored by 14 industry players including – a leading vacation rental site featuring the industry’s largest collection of verified guest reviews – the study estimates 1.26M second homes are available for rent in the U.S. for families loo...