Tourism Review Online Magazine 2 / 2010

Jan 25, 2010

Dear readers

Welcome to the February issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. The Adventure supplement is this time aimed at geocachers and their delight in exploring the world with a GPS device. For all those who prefer something less high-tech there is the Ethical part presenting various agritourism destinations and the beauty of farm work. If you seek rather a different kind of adventure head to Nigeria offering unspoilt nature and authentic traditions. Get updated about the latest challenges of this African country in the Destination supplement.

If you have ever doubted, why anybody would go for holiday home rental, think again. There are many advantages – not only those related to budget – that draw growing numbers of vacationers to comfortable holiday homes promoted online. Learn about the outlook of online holiday home rental sector in the Professional part. However, first of all open the Heritage supplement and let us invite you to taste the fabulous cuisine of Tuscany, Germany or discover the vegetarian world of Udupi.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Visiting the Gourmand’s World

Andrew J. Wein

- Jan 25, 2010

The smell of veal in tuna sauce or freshly baked cheesecake with orange marmalade is for many people the reason to pack their bags and travel to the homeland of their favorite delicacy. Culinary tourists head to Tuscany in Italy, Vermont in the U.S., Germany, and even India to taste the unique Udupi cuisine. Let us invite you to the gourmand’s world.

Professional: Holiday Home Rentals Going Online

Anna Luebke

- Jan 25, 2010

Holiday rentals are one of the fastest-growing yet under-studied sectors in the online travel market. Holiday rentals represent a more than $24 billion opportunity in the U.S. alone, yet only 27% of rental owners are online. Get updated on the latest trends in the industry and its challenges.

Adventure: Geocaching – Today’s Treasure Hunting

Tomas Haupt

- Jan 25, 2010

Growing numbers of adventure seekers are embracing the unique combination of treasure hunting and outdoor traveling – geocaching. Learn the basics and discover the addictive nature of hiking with a GPS device in your hand.

Ethical: Agri-, Agri-, Agri-Tourism

Gary Diskin

- Jan 25, 2010

Farm visits offer remarkable experience to all modern-day travelers – both kids and adults. Enjoy the unique character, smell and sound of a goat farm in Maui, discover Russian countryside or head to Manitoba profiting from the growing popularity of agritourism.

Destination: Nigeria – Unspoiled and Authentic

Justin N. Froyd

- Jan 25, 2010

Nigeria in the heart of Africa is a country with huge tourism potential but also great challenges. Learn about the latest developments and successes of the region as well as the problems the tourism board and government have to face.