Ethical: Agri-, Agri-, Agri-Tourism

Farm visits offer remarkable experience to all modern-day travelers – both kids and adults. Enjoy the unique character, smell and sound of a goat farm in Maui, discover Russian countryside or head to Manitoba profiting from the growing popularity of agritourism.


Get Ready for a Farm Visit

Joe McClain

An agritourism farm is any land based farm or business that is open to the public. These specialized agritourism destinations generally offer things to see, things to do, and produce or gifts to buy, and are open to the public at least some parts of the year. Some agritourism farms are open 365 days, some only for a few weekends in the fall. All offer a unique and entertaining farm experience and are generally appealing to all members in a family. Sometimes called entertainment farming, rural...

Maui’s New AgriTourism: An Upcountry Exploration

Richard Moor

A rental car and a good map are all you need to explore Maui’s newest touristic interest on the east side of this double-volcano island. Stepping away from the sea and sand pleasures of Maui's shoreline, I recommend an agritourism road trip that provides the perfect excuse to sample exhilarating upcountry scenery where rural vistas and narrow winding roads reveal an entirely different, more “local” personality behind this famous Hawaiian island. Maui’s Only Winery Tho...

Kasha and Much More in Traditional Russian Farms

Nils Kraus

Rising at cock crow, easy lifestyle, nature and fresh air – these are the intrinsic charms of agritourism. Rural tourism or agritourism is becoming more and more popular in Karelia, the Altai, the Leningrad region, the Kaliningrad region and some other regions of Russia. The visitors are offered the traditional Russian meals: honey, kvass, kasha (Russian porridge) and borsch made of organic food products. The tourists are happy to be engaged in farm activities ranging from picking berri...

Manitoba: Producers Can Profit with Agritourism

Samuel Dorsi

Agritourism provides an excellent opportunity for urban Manitobans and visitors to experience and connect with the wonders of rural life in our province. Travellers receive a unique, authentic experience when visiting an agritourism destination, and many visitors have a chance to encounter agriculture in a personal way that is no longer available to most people. In Manitoba agritourism has been around since farmers started selling their produce from roadside stands to people travelling by and...

Organic Farming Grows as a Form of Tourism

Tomas Haupt

Travelers who want to give back to the communities that they visit, while also saving money, are increasingly signing up to work on organic farms throughout the world. One organization that helps match travelers with host farms is World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or WWOOF. Founded in Britain in 1971, WWOOF has attracted travelers to work on farms in exchange for food, accommodation and lessons in organic farming. How does it work? WWOOF regularly publishes information that lists far...

Do You Make Money Farming with Agritourism (or Want to)?

Joe McClain

If your small scale farming operation utilizes agritourism as a way to make money from the farm, here are four travel forecasts from AAA to consider. 1. Train travel is predicted to grow in popularity. With the economy troubles and airline travel safety restrictions becoming a headache, more people are traveling by train. If you have a “How to get here” link on your farm’s website (or even if you don’t), check to see where the nearest train station is to your small far...