Destination: Nigeria – Unspoiled and Authentic

Nigeria in the heart of Africa is a country with huge tourism potential but also great challenges. Learn about the latest developments and successes of the region as well as the problems the tourism board and government have to face.


Euromonitor: Travel and Tourism in Nigeria

Sara Thopson

Government Turns to Travel and Tourism Industry to Revitalise the Economy With oil revenue on the decline as a result of the global financial crisis, the Federal Government of Nigeria has been looking for ways to give its economy new life. Realising that tourism is a strong alternative to crude oil as a revenue earner in view of declining oil prices in world markets, it has selected the industry as one of the six priority sectors for launching the revival of the economy. The Federal Governmen...

Nigeria: Successes and Challenges

James Morris

The Nigerian economy has received tremendous boost in the last 9 years as a consequence of the democratic changes taking place in the country through the government. Nigeria is a developing nation with over 150 million people and 250 ethnic groups. Actually, it is a country with the largest and most populous concentration of black people in Africa and the world. Untapped Potential Extensive foreign investments in the telecommunications industry, transport, oil, human resources developments, ...

How Terrorism Tag Impacts Nigeria's Tourism

Nils Kraus

The listing of Nigeria among terrorist groups by the United States of America may have drawn the ire of the government and other policy formulators. These policy formulators are only looking at the listing from a narrow angle of Nigerians going through strenuous security checks and the bad tag it confers on the country, they seem not to be looking at the great economic danger the situation is capable of having on tourism, travel and the hospitality business. The tourism industry generates sub...

Tourists Are Just Not Coming

William Law

Nigerians can be found in every part of the world, including the Antarctic which shows that they are great travellers. The number of Nigerians in unending queues at the various embassies in the country is enough to testify their love for travelling. But other nationals are not so enthusiastic to come into our own country. Even our closest neighbour, Benin Republic, fairs better in tourism, as Nigerians travel to the country a lot. The dearth of infrastructure – good roads, constant elec...