Heritage: Visiting the Gourmand’s World

The smell of veal in tuna sauce or freshly baked cheesecake with orange marmalade is for many people the reason to pack their bags and travel to the homeland of their favorite delicacy. Culinary tourists head to Tuscany in Italy, Vermont in the U.S., Germany, and even India to taste the unique Udupi cuisine. Let us invite you to the gourmand’s world.


There Is No Such Thing as German Food

Nils Kraus

Whenever someone asks me as a native German about typical German culinary specialties to try on a tour, I respond: What region in Germany do you travel to? There is no such thing as German food in general. Just take the “typical German” potato salad – although it is a fairly young produce in Germany, basically every region created its own characteristic recipe reflecting the traditional local cuisine. Germany has a wonderful diversity of landscapes and microclimates determin...

Udupi – Where Food Is Religion

Ashley Nault

Culinary tourism, one of the most popular niches in the tourism industry involves the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences. This makes sense, given recent consumer focus on healthy organic eating, food pedigrees and the fact that all travelers may not go city-hopping or shopping but will eat. Cooking shows feature regularly on the travel channels as do travel shows in food channels. The world-renowned Udupi cuisine, an integral component of South Indian food deriv...

Southern Vermont’s Culinary World Is…Fresh & Local

Dan Rang

Festival and Vermont Life Wine & Harvest Festival and the myriad Pumpkin festivals…it seems that almost every vegetable has a festival! It’s also about our proximity to 80 million people who live within a 500-mile radius of Southern Vermont — New York City, Fairfield County, The Gold Coast, Boston, and Albany. In many ways, Vermont’s historic villages and rural communities echo what people love most about the European countryside – it is a warm, rustic yet sophisticated lifestyle based on...

The World's Most Expensive Wine

Sara Thopson

The Romanée Conti is a legend. It is said that even the French government would be willing to give anything to preserve this heritage brand to Gaul. Domaine de la Romanée-Conti is located in the Burgundy region and takes its name from one of their own vineyards. For centuries the property was transferred from hand to hand, and only since the mid-nineteenth century is run by the today’s company, although it is known that their vineyards already produced wine in the twelfth ...

Slow Food in Tuscany with Local Flavor and Character

Ashley Nault

These days a traveler to Italy does not have to depend on American or English guidebooks to eat well. Thanks to the Slow Food organization their guide, “Osterie & Locande d'Italia: A Guide to Traditional Places to Eat and Stay in Italy”, which has been directing Italians to restaurants, where the chefs depend upon local organic farmers for their produce, has been translated into English. The Slow Food movement begun in 1986 in Italy has spread worldwide since the day Caro...