Senior Travellers Going on Safari?

Chris Grad - Jun 29, 2009
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A Safari?! I think I am quite past that stage of my life!

Well, if these are your sentiments you may just be making a big mistake. Nowadays there are numerous African Safari products available fitting most tastes and budgets.

Botswana, Southern Africa’s best kept secret is no exception to offering a magnitude of Safari possibilities to the Senior Adventurers. Botswana with its very well known Kalahari Desert and Okavango delta is a true wilderness with one of the few large scale natural ecosystems still to be found on the African continent.

Numerous wild-life documentaries filmed on location, in and around the pristine national parks and game reserves have helped to promote the natural wealth of wildlife the region has to offer and equally as important the Botswana Government has conservation in the forefront of all its policies and decisions.

It is well worth researching the type of tour and Safari properly before booking, like with all travels, disappointment can largely be avoided by a little extra attention to detail. There are a few basic pointers that will save you and your Safari specialist time, and ultimately ensure you buy the Safari you chose and dreamt about.

Firstly be realistic about your budget, indicate honestly about the amount you are willing to spend on your holiday, in most cases try to keep international and regional flights if there are any, separate from your actual holiday budget. Secondly enquire about costs regarding regional and smaller charter flights if they should form part of your final itinerary. Thirdly express realistically how many people you will be travelling with. Very often private vehicles and better rates can be negotiated if bookings are made further in advance. Lastly, inform your specialist if you have any type of mobility impairment, such as hip replacements or knee/back operations that might influence the type of travel that you are physically able to do.

Should this be the case, please do not despair; there are Specialist Operators that can make sure your Safari experience is not jeopardized in any way due to a physical factor.

Botswana’s attitude towards responsible tourism is one of lower volume and higher cost, which keeps the region pristine, less impact on the environment and animals as well as a far more exclusive overall safari experience for the visitors. Very popular with guests are combinations of the Botswana Safari experience and our surrounding countries with their world-famous attractions such as Table Mountain, Cape Town, un-spoilt beaches and the Namib Desert.

Botswana welcomes you, and encourages you on Safari no matter your age or physical ability. Adventure has nothing to do with age.

By Endeavour Safaris

Endeavour Safaris specializes in accessible travel to Southern Africa for Persons with Disabilities and Senior Travelers.

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