Nils Kraus - Oct 24, 2016
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Senior tourism in Argentina is likely to get booming thanks to a new project. Over the next two years, retirees and pensioners traveling on Aerolíneas Argentinas will receive a discount of 30% for 36 destinations around Argentina, according to an agreement signed between ANSES, the Ministry of Tourism and the national airline.

To take advantage of this opportunity, retirees need to enter their ID card number on the website where they will be able to access advance ticket sales – at least a week in advance – and for a minimum stay of two nights. When they enter their ID card number, ANSES will check their retirement data.

There are 6.5 million pensioners in Argentina. To access the benefit, they must provide documentary proof from ANSES, in addition to their ID card. The reduction is not applied directly to published prices, but to an intermediate rate somewhere between the cheapest and most expensive flights to each destination.

Moreover, the Tourism Ministry announced that seniors will get 30%, 40% and, in some cases, up to 50% off hotels, tour packages, flights and long distance buses. This benefit came into effect on Saturday, October 15 and extends only until December 15 (when the high season starts), but it goes further: it is open to all adults over 60, even if they are not retired.

Speaking about the signing, Tourism Minister Gustavo Santos, stated that the measure "will give a new boost to senior tourism in Argentina in all destinations during the off season" and is "a contribution to the Historical Reparation for retirees."

Meanwhile, the head of Aerolineas Argentinas, Isela Costantini, noted that the measure is in line with "the proposal by President Mauricio Macri to double the cabotage market." And the head of ANSES, Emilio Basavilbaso, said the agreement will give retirees "the opportunity to travel to different destinations in our country," adding that he will continue to work "with other ministries" to offer more benefits.

Moreover, the Ministry of Tourism signed an agreement with 10 private sector representatives to promote senior tourism at competitive prices. Participants include the Chamber of Tourism of Argentina, the Argentinian Hotel and Gastronomy Federation, the Tourist Hotels Association of Argentina and the Argentine Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism.

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