Ethical / Religious: Get Out of the Way! Seniors Are Coming

So, when exactly is the age when you stop traveling? Never! Seniors are the new kids on the block. There are more and more of 50+ and 60+ enthusiasts who can’t help but go for safari, work as volunteers somewhere in Africa, travel to learn new skills and much more. Senior travel market is quickly expanding.


The Mature Age Market in Europe and Its Influence on Tourism

Alec Hills

Mature age travellers already form a major part of the travel market. As the population ages, travellers can likewise be expected to age and mature age people will represent an increasingly significant proportion of the tourism market. The continued growth of tourism industry in many countries over the next ten years may well depend on how companies understand demographic trends affecting consumer behaviour. Mature Age Travelers As far as the mature age market is concerned, there appears to ...

Travel Is Aging Gracefully

Alec Hills

Among the most noticeable features of global travel today are both the age and the shear numbers of older men and women—most particularly women—taking active, adventurous vacations with a strong learning and service focus. While sun and sand vacations will be with us always, many more people today are measuring their travel satisfaction by newly acquired skills, significant brain stimulation, and, yes, even proudly worn calluses, blisters, and bruises. People over 50 make up the v...

Eurostat Report: Tourism in Europe – Does Age Matter?

Laura Maudlin

Focusing on several aspects of the travel behaviour of residents from the EU Member States in 2006 this report deals with differences in travel behaviour of four different age groups, that is tourists aged 15 to 24 years, 25 to 44 years, 45 to 64 years and older than 64 years. The age distribution of tourists corresponds approximately to the age distribution of the total population People aged 25 to 44 years represent a share of 35% of the total population, while the same group accounts for...

Senior Travellers Going on Safari?

Chris Grad

A Safari?! I think I am quite past that stage of my life! Well, if these are your sentiments you may just be making a big mistake. Nowadays there are numerous African Safari products available fitting most tastes and budgets. Botswana, Southern Africa’s best kept secret is no exception to offering a magnitude of Safari possibilities to the Senior Adventurers. Botswana with its very well known Kalahari Desert and Okavango delta is a true wilderness with one of the few large scale natural ...