Tourism Review Online Magazine 7 / 2009

Jun 29, 2009
Dear readers

No matter your age, skills or experience you can always pack few essentials and set out for the journey of your life. If you feel too old for that, check out the Ethical supplement and be inspired by the modern senior travelers. Maybe you could start simply by traveling to see your champions in Wimbledon or the golf masters in St Andrews. Read more about the current trend of sports tourism in the Active supplement. Perhaps you just dream about relaxing and luxurious holiday at some beautiful hotel. Should you opt for 5 star facility or even 6 star though? What is the Zero Star Hotel anyway? Check the Professional part.

If you wish to experience something unique then head to the coast of Caspian Sea and visit the world’s oil hub – Azerbaijan. Read more in the Destination supplement presenting the beauties as well as drawbacks of this land of fire. If you ever wondered about the future of the precious monuments and sites in your region read the Heritage part focusing this time on organizations protecting unique historical treasures.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Protecting Heritage? Professionally

Tomas Haupt

- Jun 29, 2009
The historical and cultural value of many sites and monuments is undisputable as well as the necessity to protect them against any human or natural danger. Numerous organizations and associations focus their everyday efforts to protect the heritage of a specific region. Let’s get familiar with some of their projects and work.

Professional: Hotel Rankings without Limit

Samuel Dorsi

- Jun 29, 2009
Diamonds or stars? If stars then – how many? Hotel ranking is a hot issue in the hospitality industry, or rather the absence of any international system to be more precise. What is the difference between the 5 stars and 4 stars? Do the 1, 2, 3 star facilities have any future? What if the hotel has no stars at all?

Active / Adventure: See the Champions Live!

Dan Rang

- Jun 29, 2009
All ye sport fans – this is your time. Today, a growing number of sport lovers want more than just watch their heroes on TV. They pack their bags and set out for a journey to see and experience the match personally!

Ethical / Religious: Get Out of the Way! Seniors Are Coming

Laura Maudlin

- Jun 29, 2009
So, when exactly is the age when you stop traveling? Never! Seniors are the new kids on the block. There are more and more of 50+ and 60+ enthusiasts who can’t help but go for safari, work as volunteers somewhere in Africa, travel to learn new skills and much more. Senior travel market is quickly expanding.

Destination: Azerbaijan - a Lost Diamond

Daniel A. Tanner

- Jun 29, 2009
Azerbaijan is the land of fire! Literally! Have you ever visited a place where flames of fire simply burst out of the ground? Visit this country in the Caucasus region offering not only beautiful nature and centuries-old culture but also hospitable people, fire temples or even mud volcanoes.