Active / Adventure: See the Champions Live!

All ye sport fans – this is your time. Today, a growing number of sport lovers want more than just watch their heroes on TV. They pack their bags and set out for a journey to see and experience the match personally!


Super Bowl or Wimbledon? See It Live!

Michael Trout

Sport tourism and sports travel for avid fans is hitting a second wave. When I started my business, TSE Sports & Entertainment, in 1997 in my apartment in New York City the idea of traveling to a major sporting event like the World Cup or Olympics was reserved for only a few in the know. Remember at the time there really wasn’t a major internet presence and the transparency of the sports travel marketplace was cloudy at best. Fast forward to today and my company which was acquired in ...

Sport Business: A Combined Tourism Strategy

Anna Luebke

Ask five different cities bidding to host the world’s major sports events the principal reason for putting their hands up, and the chances are you will receive five different answers. Generating sports tourism is unlikely to be among them. Sport’s mega events are both too powerful and too costly to justify staging for reasons of generating sports tourism alone. Visitor expenditure is very welcome to help pay the spiralling bills, but most hosts have bigger fish to fry. As the world&...

2010 FIFA World Cup: Africa Getting Ready

Gary Diskin

Large football events do not only do wonders for the game of football itself, yet also earn a huge amount of money for the countries hosting them. Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Portugal have been able to verify this claim in recent years. As the matches, which are always available for viewing all over the planet, are often repeated, the adverts for the countries simply continue for many years. Therefore, it is no surprise that so many countries bid for events such as the World Cup or the Eu...

A Serenity Prayer for the Sports Industry

James Morris

'The beer is always colder after a win.' - A former colleague of mine used to incorporate that one-liner into client meetings regularly. I would cringe every time. The comment was usually made within the context of a presentation of fan research results and was meant to acknowledge that - yes - the outcome of the event does have an impact on the fan's perception of their experience at said event. He would quickly move on to outline all of the elements of the "gameday" experience where the cli...