Professional: (Wo)men Only Vacation

Single woman? Bored? Go for girlfriend getaways and enjoy your time. Single man? Stressed out? Choose the tour package of your life designed specifically for you. Wo(men)-only holidays are the trend even in the current global downturn. Be inspired.


Women Travelers Go It Alone

Larry Brain

“Where are the men?” This was clearly the unspoken thought of many who watched the five of us toss the ropes and maneuver our Barge through the locks on the Canal du Midi in Southern France. We were the only crew of women on the canal and when on the last day we steered our way through the famous seven locks at Beziers, the crowds that come to watch this spectacle gave us a round of applause for our efforts. The Canal Du Midi was idyllic, a popular trip on the calendar of Australian company B...

The Male Get-Away: Only for Him

William Law

In the last 30 years male stress has become increasingly common, especially in the UK. Statistics have shown that men are much more prone to occupational stress than women. According to the UK’s Counselling Directory the number of stress related mental illness in men is on the rise and men are much more prone to substance abuse and even have a higher suicide rate than women, but it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. All the evidence suggests that men need to start taking care of ...

Girlfriend Getaways Continue to Thrive

Chris Grad

With unemployment rates reaching record highs and morale at an all-time low, consumers are feeling the pressure to put off all non-essential expenditures for more solvent times. The travel industry is among those hit hardest by the current economic crisis, with airline, hotel, and vacation bookings declining in a seemingly endless spiral. One sector, however, seems to be weathering the storm better than most: the “girlfriend getaway.” Virtually unheard of just a decade ago, women-...

Women Only Hotels – All around the World

Theodore Slate

Being EX in the City often means traveling to other places round the world alone. While most working women today are comfortable mixing and mingling with men while traveling wouldn't it be nice sometimes to have a hotel where just women were allowed? Sometimes it is a little creepy when you order room service and a man delivers it. Here are a few women only hotels we have found – can't vouch for them but they are worth checking out Berlin, Germany Artemisia at Brandenburgische St. 18, B...

Stag Weekends: Home or Away?

Samuel Dorsi

In this day and age of stag extravagance, the biggest question is not whether the stag do should involve girls, but should the big event take place in Bristol or Barcelona. A number of important factors should be considered when deciding a stag weekend destination; the budget, the stag’s preference, the weather etc, etc. So would it be better to enjoy the bright lights of London or escape to the raucous clubs of Ibiza? An increasing number of stags are heading to European cities and th...