The Male Get-Away: Only for Him

William Law - May 25, 2009
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In the last 30 years male stress has become increasingly common, especially in the UK. Statistics have shown that men are much more prone to occupational stress than women. According to the UK’s Counselling Directory the number of stress related mental illness in men is on the rise and men are much more prone to substance abuse and even have a higher suicide rate than women, but it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. All the evidence suggests that men need to start taking care of their health and wellbeing more; thankfully, this is where specialist travel companies come in.

One of them is the recently established BeautifulBreak, a travel company dedicated to providing spa and wellbeing holidays for all modern professionals who need to escape the pressures of city living. The new niche that they and along with other travel services are embracing is the male get-away. The For Men Only portion of their services combines spa and leisure activities to create packages designed for the stressed man in mind.

The Managing Director of BeautifulBreak Ilona Wesle explained: “It’s important for men to get quality time for themselves too. More often they are consumed with work deadlines and what little free time they do have is reserved solely for their families. It’s important, however, to manage those stress levels and take some quality time out for themselves so they are in a better mental and physical state to be productive at work and be with their families.”

There are a variety of short break packages available for men out there, everything from spa treatments for men and squash or mountain climbing retreats, each combining relaxation and the leisure activities that men crave. We all know that the only way a man can sit still through a male exfoliation scrub is the thought of the golf course in the afternoon.

The packages offered by the company include a golfing break complimented with male facial vitality treatments in Austria and even an Italian biker’s special holiday complete with guided bike tours and a daily scented Jacuzzi.

“Us women tend to assume that men would not enjoy a holiday dedicated to pampering and relaxation but the truth is, they occasionally need their quality time alone to regroup unless of course we all want our men prematurely bald,” quips Ilona, “that is why our service is committed to not neglecting the needs of men.”

As today’s men’s health magazines show, the modern man is now one who can admit to stress and wrinkle-paranoia but while men’s care products are flying off the shelves the idea of the male equivalent of a ‘girly break’ is yet to be as popular. It’s time that men realize that a weekend trip to Austria is for more than indulgent bachelor parties and embraced their new-found freedom to have a massage and a facial after a manly game of squash.

By BeautifulBreak

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