Tourism Review Online Magazine 6 / 2009

May 25, 2009
Dear readers

Hurray! The summer is coming. This is the perfect time to think about your next holiday destination. Let us inspire you! For example, beautiful, European-like Québec with its fabulous landscape, thrilling history as well as intriguing modern attractions awaits you. Read more in the Destination part. Perhaps you and your family are fans of theme parks so get updated on the latest trends in the industry and see where the parks are heading in the Active supplement.

If you had enough of everything and seek some time on your own or only with your friends, read the Professional part this time focusing on women- and men-only holidays and services. You think this field has no future? You better read on. The trends of the spa & wellness industry are the topic of the Spa part. Get the latest numbers and find out what the customers want. First of all, however, take your Dickens or Hemingway and set out for a literary journey around the world. Literary tourism is in and is here. Go for the Heritage supplement.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Get Literary on a Literary Tour

Daniel A. Tanner

- May 25, 2009
Books, books, books – can you travel without them? Take your favorite literary treasure for this journey to London, Oxford or even South Africa. No, books are not dead, and won’t be. Check out the famous literary festivals in the U.S., visit the birth house of Agatha Christie, Jane Austen as well as Alan Paton. Also, don’t forget to visit the little Pinocchio – naturally in Italy.

Professional: (Wo)men Only Vacation

Wayne M. Gore

- May 25, 2009
Single woman? Bored? Go for girlfriend getaways and enjoy your time. Single man? Stressed out? Choose the tour package of your life designed specifically for you. Wo(men)-only holidays are the trend even in the current global downturn. Be inspired.

Active / Adventure: Shout for Joy! Theme Parks & Water Parks

James Morris

- May 25, 2009
Roller-coasters, thrill rides, water slides – kids as well as grown-ups simply love them. What are the latest trends in the industry though? Is the harsh economic situation affecting the popularity of amusement parks? Do they have any future? Hey, have you heard about the new kid on the block? Visit Dig This!

Medical / SPA: Spa Trends Shaking the Planet

Nils Kraus

- May 25, 2009
Constantly growing in popularity spas are praised in many parts of the world. The industry however is undergoing dynamic development. See the latest numbers from the Global Spa Benchmark Report, read about the superbrands joining forces to lure the clients, visit Hawaii or South Africa to get a unique treatment. Get updated on the latest spa trends.

Destination: Quebec a Piece of France

Nils Kraus

- May 25, 2009

The second largest Canadian province, the only one with French as the official language – Québec is undoubtedly a unique member of the Canadian family. Outgrowing the concept of New France Québec today entices with its long and colorful history, aboriginal heritage, beautiful wilderness as well as modern cities. Bienvenue au Québec.