Destination: Quebec a Piece of France

The second largest Canadian province, the only one with French as the official language – Québec is undoubtedly a unique member of the Canadian family. Outgrowing the concept of New France Québec today entices with its long and colorful history, aboriginal heritage, beautiful wilderness as well as modern cities. Bienvenue au Québec.


Québec: Je Me Souviens

Gary Diskin

Located at the north-eastern tip of the North American continent, Québec covers an immense territory. Its 1,667,926 km2 (643,990 sq. mi.) surface is equivalent to three times the size of France, five times the size of Japan, twice the size of Texas and seven times the size of the United Kingdom, making it Canada’s largest province. Québec’s majestic St. Lawrence River is bordered by the Canadian Shield to the north and the Appalachian Mountains to the south. Its vast...

Sustainable Development: Québec’s Tourism Sector in 2009

Laura Maudlin

The need to develop tourism based on sustainability principles is a part of a general tourism policy framework since 2005 in Québec and most tourism sub-sectors also have set broad objectives based on this basis, including the Ski-doo Federation. Although sustainability is well accepted across Québec’s tourism sector, in practice it is not a central part of it, even though many businesses and organizations have implemented numerous measures to improve their performance. In this context the actio...

Spectacular Québec City: A Whole New Experience

Samuel Dorsi

Some travel destinations just seize the imagination. Their beauty is breathtaking. They evoke wonder and excitement. They're vibrant and alive. They're warm and welcoming. But few do it all as effortlessly and as naturally as Québec, the unique walled city on the St. Lawrence River. No other destination in the world offers Québec's compelling mix of features and attractions. Location Nature has been a generous contributor to Québec City's appeal. The very heart of the Qu&e...

Go Back in History: The Plains of Abraham

Bill Alen

The site of many clashes for supremacy between the French and British Empires, the Battlefields Park with the 108-acre Plains of Abraham is the scene of the 1759 Conquest, which changed the fate of North America. The Battle “The Plains of Abraham” is the name commonly used to designate the Battlefields Park. Located on a natural promontory along the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River, the site has been the focus of the development of Quebec City since its founding by Samuel de...

Canada's French Connection: Montreal's History of Multiculturalism

Kevin Eagan

When the French first arrived in North America with designs on creating a 'New France', they observed the native tribes of the Algonquian, Iroquoian and Inuit, and built their first colonies based on the fur-trading tradition of these indigenous peoples. This was the beginning of Canada's own grand tradition of integration, of the acceptance of different cultures; a tradition that – like the language spoken by those colonizers – is still very much alive in Quebec today. What Canada'...