Walking Through a Fairytale – Pinocchio’s Land

Larry Brain - May 25, 2009
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The irresistible appeal of fairy tales is one of the most crucial things in a child’s life. Of course, each one of us has a favorite one. For many, Pinocchio is the most attractive character that they sympathize with. The ‘birthplace’ of Pinocchio and his tale, or of his father, Carlo Lorenzini, to be more precise, is in a little village in Tuscany. The little village of Collodi, Italy has long been attracting Pinocchio’s fans as an impressive park. Commemorating this charismatic character the park has been recently restructured and redeveloped.

The Pinocchio Park presents the old story by means of impressive sculptures, pieces of great architecture, and various examples of great art and it possesses an overall character of fascinating creative energy. Walking through this amusement park seems like walking through the fairytale itself.

The Park is not the only attraction drawing tourists to Collodi. Local infamous Villa Garzoni is another great tourist magnet. The 17th-century villa with its impressive cascade of exotic botanical gardens truly leaves one breathless. Furthermore, butterfly admirers will be surprised by local collection of the most beautiful tropical butterflies from South America, Africa and Australia.

Both, Pinocchio Park and Villa Garzoni have recently been redeveloped, thanks to the ‘Fondazione Nazionale – Carlo Collodi’. Several architects participated on the project; great names such as Emilio Faroldi, Maruzio De Vita, or Francesco and Federico Guerrieri. A science museum has been added to the complex as well as an open-air museum and multi-media exhibit that contribute to an already overwhelming image of Collodi.


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