Stag Weekends: Home or Away?

Samuel Dorsi - May 25, 2009
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In this day and age of stag extravagance, the biggest question is not whether the stag do should involve girls, but should the big event take place in Bristol or Barcelona.

A number of important factors should be considered when deciding a stag weekend destination; the budget, the stag’s preference, the weather etc, etc.

So would it be better to enjoy the bright lights of London or escape to the raucous clubs of Ibiza? An increasing number of stags are heading to European cities and this is because the stag night has become the stag weekend and occasionally the stag week. However, many people are adamant that the UK is home to some of the world’s greatest cities and is simply a fantastic stag weekend location.

With cities such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Brighton, the UK is a playground of activity and entertainment; perfect for an outstanding stag weekend.

However, a flight to a European city can cost less than a train ticket across the UK, which is why so many stag weekends are heading to foreign lands. The most popular of the European destinations are Amsterdam, Barcelona and Dublin, all of which are extremely affordable to travel to.

Another reason the stag weekend has become such an epic occasion, is the best man trying to top the previous stag event. The stag weekend experience is becoming a competition amongst best men. Whoever creates the most outrageous, debauched and extravagant stag weekend is certain to go down in history as a best man legend.

This competitive streak has seen stag nights and stag weekends become indulgent week long holidays in exotic countries, halfway across the world.

The UK still holds onto a large percentage of stag parties and is often considered the best party atmosphere in the world. The vibrant pub culture has always brought stag parties streaming to the UK.

Taking a stag party abroad is becoming a cheap and simple experience, with many groups enjoying the stag weekend of a lifetime, for very little money. Although the European stag weekend is growing, the UK is still one of the most popular destinations. It may be expensive but the vibrant atmosphere in cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds and Brighton is hard to match.

By Leigh Stringer

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