Private Jet Planes: The New Status Symbol

Kevin Eagan - Sep 24, 2007
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Private jet planes are the new status symbol to show that you are one of the richest people in the world. Everyone seems to be buying private jets now. All of these jets are being completely gutted and redone inside and out. Not too long ago, it was a big deal for a person to own a small propeller plane with about ten seats in it. Now many very famous and rich people are buying large jumbo jets and turning them into hotels and clubs in the air. I think that the movie Soul Plane helped to shed some light on and poke some fun at this growing trend of “pimping” out private jet planes. This movie went a little overboard on the types of accessories that most people would put in their private jet plane, but it also showed some of the things that people actually do have in their private jets.

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