Gary Diskin - May 6, 2013
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The Sukhoi Superjet-100 is a Russian project that should help the aircraft maker improve its image after a series of accidents. The airliner has resorted to serious upgrades of nodes and other components. Interjet, the Mexican airline, announced its plans to buy at least 20 Superjet-100s by the end of the year 2014.

According to Jose Alvarez, Interjet's CEO, the air carrier is set to invest at least one billion dollars into the purchasing of the Superjets. The first set of these Superjets are due around May this year with the last ones expected somewhere around December the following year. The acquisition of these jets is aimed at making it easier for Interjetto to ply to 80 new destinations both locally as well as abroad, especially to the United States and Colombia.

The chief analyst Mr. Oleg Panteleev who works with the Russian AVIAPORT agency strongly supports these newly rolled up plans by Interjetto. The new set of Superjets is expected to take the place of A-320 Airbuses which were bought by Russia ages ago and have since grown old. It has been established that the new Superjet-100 consumes 15% less fuel compared to the A-320 Airbuses. While Mexicans might still be interested in Airbuses, the Superjet-100 has proven to work without problems especially at high-leveled airports.

If Russian aircraft manufacturer fulfills the plan of delivery of the jets and the operation of the planes goes smoothly, then several other Latin America countries are likely to buy the aircraft as well. Moreover, South East Asian countries are getting interested in the Russian airliner with the company itself working on the best marketing strategy to turn all these interests into actual acquisitions.

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