Tourism Review Online Magazine 8 / 2007

Sep 24, 2007

Dear readers,

welcome to the October issue of our magazine. This time I would like to invite you to something special. Come and learn about the historic properties you can not only visit but also taste and stay over the night. Reconstructed, refurbished, redesigned – all of the hotels keep their historical atmosphere and character. For those who choose thrill rather than fluffy pillows of luxury hotels there is the adventure tours section inviting all enthusiasts to jump from an African bridge, hop on an elephant back in Asia or even crawl like a mole in the deep dark caves in Wales. The Professional section turns to the tourists and the current trends in tour guiding. What do people expect to experience at a sightseeing tour? What kind of people these cultural tourists are? For those who have enough of long queues and delayed flights there is also the section Transport offering a quick solution to your problems – private jet chartering. Let us get familiar with all the pros and cons of this air taxi services and learn how to get what you need.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage Holiday stay in historic properties

Samuel Dorsi

- Sep 24, 2007
How many hotels are there in Portugal, England, Australia or even the U.S.? A lot, right? Nevertheless all of them try to show off and highlight everything that makes them different from anyone else. Still, some hotels don’t need to persuade us that they are special. The uniqueness is inscribed right in their history. Have you ever stayed in a medieval castle? Or in a quarantine station? Or even in a former jail? Come and see what is on offer today.

Professional: Guided tours - what demanding tourists really want?

Chris Grad

- Sep 24, 2007
Tour guiding might be fun and a good job. One day however every ambitious tour guide must answer the question “What do my tourists really want?” Information load? Interesting stories? Good snack? Different guides take different standpoints and we can look at several of them. Let us get familiar with guiding in the city of history lovers – Rome, in New York, or even in the rainforest in Malaysia.

Transpor: Private jets hopping – a growing trend

Laura Maudlin

- Sep 24, 2007
The efficiency of the service, privacy while traveling, and flexibility of time schedule – these are the most highlighted and the well known benefits of private jet chartering. No wonder that more and more corporations as well as individuals choose private aircraft when traveling for business or leisure. Over the past five years the jet market has grown 400%. In Europe and the US the private jets access more than 5 000 airports and the number keeps growing. The advantages are clear. Are there any drawbacks though? Is there anything we should consider before renting or buying a private jet?

Adventure: VIP adventure tours

Bill Alen

- Sep 24, 2007
There are thousands different adventure tours covering almost anything the thrill-seekers are able to imagine. Bungee jumping in South Africa, whitewater rafting in Colorado, caving in Wales ... these are all popular activities for the daredevils worldwide. Now, what about elephant riding in Thailand? Does it sound easy? See for yourself what fun and “adrenaline” this might be. VIP or not, these tours are designed for the ones with courage.