Transpor: Private jets hopping – a growing trend

The efficiency of the service, privacy while traveling, and flexibility of time schedule – these are the most highlighted and the well known benefits of private jet chartering. No wonder that more and more corporations as well as individuals choose private aircraft when traveling for business or leisure. Over the past five years the jet market has grown 400%. In Europe and the US the private jets access more than 5 000 airports and the number keeps growing. The advantages are clear. Are there any drawbacks though? Is there anything we should consider before renting or buying a private jet?


Air Charter Services

Daniel A. Tanner

Though private air charter services are used extensively by business and luxury class, still the aviation through air charters is unfamiliar to many people around the globe. Air charter services are best suited to executive business travel and personal vacations, as private air charters eliminates many time-consuming formalities but still provide extra features that are to be found no where else.

Private Air Travel Options in the 21st Century

Joe McClain

The private jet transportation industry is booming. The late 20th century and early 21st century has seen the development of a wide array of new ownership and non-ownership options that have brought private jet transportation to a wider spectrum of society. As the variety of options have increased, so too has the level of confusion as to the nature of the various types of programs, and the methods for determining which option is best suited to each individual.

How To Look For a Good Private Jet Company

Vanderlei J. Pollack

Traveling by commercial airplanes has hassles like long queues at check-in, long wait at immigration, waiting at the belt for your luggage and many more nuances. Aside from the hassle you have to endure and your precious time wasted, you may also have to contend with annoying passengers sitting besides you, most often stuck with them as you do not have the place to move around. It is precisely due the reasons above that many have begun to discover the joy and convenience of traveling on a priva...

The Cons of the Air Taxi

Dan Rang

In the past few years, the popularity of privately chartered jets has increased. One of the many reasons for that increase is the unlimited number of benefits. While there are a large number of benefits to chartering a private jet, there are also a few cons to doing so as well. Perhaps, the greatest con of privately chartering a jet is the cost of doing so. While it is possible to find a private jet chartering company that charges reasonable rates, it is not uncommon for those rates to be as h...

Private Jet Planes: The New Status Symbol

Kevin Eagan

Private jet planes are the new status symbol to show that you are one of the richest people in the world. Everyone seems to be buying private jets now. All of these jets are being completely gutted and redone inside and out. Not too long ago, it was a big deal for a person to own a small propeller plane with about ten seats in it. Now many very famous and rich people are buying large jumbo jets and turning them into hotels and clubs in the air. I think that the movie Soul Plane helped to shed so...

Towards On-line Distribution Of Private Jets

Kevin Eagan

Many of us in the charter world are often delighted to read or hear that business travelers and affluent individuals are becoming disenchanted with commercial flights, crowded airports, flight delays, and inconvenient schedules. But the truth of the matter is that if we were to bring less than 1% of those passengers into the private jet charter arena, our current processes would fail on all levels.