Heritage Holiday stay in historic properties

How many hotels are there in Portugal, England, Australia or even the U.S.? A lot, right? Nevertheless all of them try to show off and highlight everything that makes them different from anyone else. Still, some hotels don’t need to persuade us that they are special. The uniqueness is inscribed right in their history. Have you ever stayed in a medieval castle? Or in a quarantine station? Or even in a former jail? Come and see what is on offer today.


Quarantine Station – Breaking Cultural Stereotypes

Tomas Haupt

The North Head Quarantine Station is one of a few sites listed on the National Estate - that's one step below World Heritage! This place, 20 minutes from the centre of Sydney, is one of a network of sites built in the mid 1800s to protect Australia from incoming immigrant carried infectious diseases. The site once functioned self-sufficiently to accommodate and care for over 1,000 people, and still contains some 65 buildings, beach and wharf, machinery, museum collection and over 1,000 inscripti...

Lisbon’s Beauty - Heritage Av Liberdade Hotel

Theodore Slate

Heritage Av Liberdade Hotel is located on the corner of cosmopolitan Avenida da Liberdade and Largo da Anunciada, offering a calm and intimate atmosphere, next to the Lavra funicular that transports visitors to the top of one of the most beautiful hills in Lisbon, Portugal In the seventeenth century, the Largo da Anunciada housed a monastery of Dominican friars and the Ericeiras Palace, which were both destroyed in the 1755 earthquake. The fire that raged within the palace consumed one of the l...

Castle Stuart – From Ruin to Glory

Theodore Slate

Castle Stuart became a derelict ruin for almost 300 years, empty - except for the ghosts, which were said to have haunted the property. When Mary Queen of Scots returned to Scotland in 1561, after the death of her husband; the Dauphin of France, she gave this land to her half-brother, James Stuart, granted him the title 'Earl of Moray' and he ruled Scotland as Regent for her. Unfortunately he was murdered and the 2nd Earl of Moray was also murdered - stabbed to death 13 times. Thus James Stuar...

Historic Jail Turned into Hotel

Daniel A. Tanner

The recently opened Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA welcomes guests with the spirit of a landmark liberated. Once the city's most notorious jail, this one-of-a-kind icon now marries historic architecture with the high standards of refined, modern travel to create a premier four star New England travel destination.

Two Gems of the Landmark Trust

Ashley Nault

The Landmark Trust is a building preservation charity, founded in 1965 by the late Sir John Smith and Lady Smith. It was established to rescue historic and architecturally interesting buildings and their surroundings from neglect and, when restored, to give them new life by letting them for holidays. The aim is to promote enjoyment of such places by enabling as many people as possible to experience living in them for a short time. The following are two renovated buildings the charity is very pro...

Castle of San Giorgio Canavese in Italy

Ashley Nault

The Castle of the Counts of Biandrate at San Giorgio Canavese comprises a series of buildings, most of which were built during medieval times for defensive purposes. Standing on a rocky outcrop above the town, it was designed as a military fortress but was rebuilt several times over the centuries and only acquired its current layout during the 18th century. Old paintings show a castle with enormous towers, structured into a series of buildings of varying sizes and facing in different directions...

Infamous Court to be Turned into Hotel

Tomas Haupt

Northern Ireland's most infamous courthouse could be reopened as a luxury hotel. Planning permission is being sought to transform the Crumlin Road courthouse in Belfast, which closed nine years ago, in a L25 million project which could create more than 200 jobs. Barry Gilligan, the developer heading the scheme, said: "It offers an excellent opportunity for luxury hotel operators to get into the burgeoning Northern Ireland business and tourism marketplace in an absolutely unique building."