Professional: Guided tours - what demanding tourists really want?

Tour guiding might be fun and a good job. One day however every ambitious tour guide must answer the question “What do my tourists really want?” Information load? Interesting stories? Good snack? Different guides take different standpoints and we can look at several of them. Let us get familiar with guiding in the city of history lovers – Rome, in New York, or even in the rainforest in Malaysia.


What Do the Cultural Travelers Want?

Alec Hills

Nationwide, studies show nearly 40% of people visit a historic site or structure when they travel. As more Boomers retire (a generation raised on experimentation and diversity), they’re looking for interesting historic experiences. They’ve done the beach and theme park; they’re ready for something different.

The Case of Mackinac: Tourists Wish to See Behind the Scenes

William Law

Getting a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes is the latest trend in tour packages. The tourism industry calls them affinity tours and the concept is nothing new to Mackinac Island business people, including those who attended the National Tourist Association convention in Detroit, which was chaired by Chris Shepler of Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry. “Visitors don’t want to sit and watch,” said Mr. Shelper. “They want to do.” The meeting was attended by 450 tour operators from all over ...

Tour Guiding in Rome and Beyond

Andrew J. Wein

Touring for a living? Getting paid to show people around town? Receiving an all-expenses-paid trip around Italy? How can that be possible? Believe it or not, there are thousands of people happily doing just that and more. They're the tour guides, escorts, tour managers, and directors who are at the forefront of a growing segment of the travel industry. These people are all engaged to make your trip to Rome a gratifying experience.

A Job That Has a Touch of Green

Larry Brain

Fashion co-ordinator, spare parts salesman, accounts assistant, adventure guide. What could they possibly have in common? Their surprising choice in vocation — nature guiding. Miles away from the glittering fashion runways of the capital but still stylishly dressed in casual chic, Sahak Bah Udal has come to learn how to sell Malaysia’s green heritage to the world. “I live in the shadow of Cameron Highlands, surrounded by jungles yet I don’t know anything about plants or animals,” admits the 3...