Airport Pampering for Weary Traveler

How to enjoy the delay of your airplane? Try airport spas offering a range of spa and wellness services including chair massages, oxygen therapy or manicure.


Quick Spa Treatments during Layovers

Sara Thopson

Airport spas are becoming more popular these days. While airport spas might not offer all the amenities of a day spa, they can be relaxing. Think about it. What are you suppose to do during those long layovers or flight delays? Why not relax and get a spa treatment? Airport spas usually offer quick spa treatments so that you can get on with your flight without being delayed. In addition to offering some of the normal spa treatments, airport spas offer some modified spa treatments. Here is a lis...

Airport Spa: Relax for a Few Minutes

Laura Maudlin

Let’s face it – we all dread going to the airport these days. With longer lines at security, overbooked flights and extensive delays, it is not surprising that what starts out as a dream trip can quickly turn sour before you even board your plane. Thankfully, weary travelers can now find some soothing relief from all of this frustration and stress. Airport spas are opening in terminals all over the world, offering a peaceful oasis amidst the wild frenzy of people on the go. This ...

Airport Pampering: The British Way

Andrew J. Wein

From oxygen sessions and nail bars to hot-stone massages and teeth whitening, there are a host of services to help your customers relax at the airport. Spa Heathrow is the ultimate chill-out zone, with a huge variety of spas, health studios and beauty sanctuaries. The Be Relax spa in Terminal 5 offers everything from 10-minute manicures and oxygen treatments to seated and table massages, pedicures and longer “me-time” experiences. For a room with a “moo”, check your ...

Review: A Massage at Denver International Airport

Tourism Review News Desk

I discovered massage chairs at airports about 10 years ago, and I’ve been a frequent customer ever since. Small, no-frills airport spas offer quick neck rubs for busy (sore, haggard, tired, fill-in-the-blank) travelers on the go. Some offer nail services, too, and all are notoriously overpriced. But sometimes it’s worth it to plunk down $25 to go to your happy place for 15 minutes in the midst of a busy travel day. I’ve gotten to know A Massage at Denver International Airpor...