Airports Offer Quick Spa Treatments

Sara Thopson - Oct 25, 2010
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Airport spas are becoming more popular these days. While airport spas might not offer all the amenities of a day spa, they can be relaxing.

Think about it. What are you suppose to do during those long layovers or flight delays? Why not relax and get a spa treatment? Airport spas usually offer quick spa treatments so that you can get on with your flight without being delayed. In addition to offering some of the normal spa treatments, airport spas offer some modified spa treatments. Here is a list of the spa treatments you will find at airport spas.

  • Chair massage – Everybody has seen a chair massage and we are not talking about the vibrating chairs that you put your quarters into. A chair massage at an airport spa consists of you leaning forward in a chair and placing your face in a special cut out. The massage therapist then gives you a back massage. During a chair massage you are fully clothed. Chair massages are very popular because this will relax people that are stressed out about flying.
  • Oxygen therapy – Perhaps a trendy spa treatment, airport spas do offer oxygen therapy. This is simply when you sit down and inhale oxygen for a set period of time. The oxygen can be scented both for odor and medical reasons.
  • Manicures/Pedicures – Some of the airport spas do offer manicures and pedicures for those that are on longer delays.
  • Foot reflexology – Heck you already have to take your shoes off to get through security why not get a foot rub at the same time.

Those are the most popular spa treatments at airport spas. Of course the chair massage is the most popular of those. There are two main ways that airport spas are accessed – member clubs and public areas. In member clubs only certain people are able to access the airport spa. These people could be frequent flyers or first class seat holders. In public areas everybody in the airport can use the airport spa features.


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