Tourism Review Online Magazine 10 / 2010

Oct 25, 2010

Dear readers,


Getting ready for the Fall holidays? The November issue of TR magazine is a must when preparing for your travels. If you wish to explore some unconventional destination go to Romania and get ready for bloodthirsty vampires – or at least the legends about them. Read the Destination part. When on your way waiting for your airplane, why not to try the airport spa? Get a soothing massage or other kinds of relaxing therapies. Read more in the Spa supplement.

If you just got back from Delhi as a true fan of the Commonwealth Games, open the Professional part focusing this time on the dynamically developing sports tourism. The Ethical supplement on the other hand will teach you how to be a responsible traveler. Learn about the fair trade principles applied to the travel trade. However, if you simply want to have some fun close to your home, why not to take kids to the local Zoo. Let us inspire you with the Heritage part presenting some of the oldest Zoo’s in the world.


Milada Sovadinova




Zoo's: Looking Back in Time

Nils Kraus

- Oct 25, 2010

Zoological gardens are one of the most popular attractions – especially for kids. Visit the oldest Zoo in the world in Vienna; explore Amsterdam’s historical Zoo or the modern Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

Fair Trade Discovering Travel Trade

Justin N. Froyd

- Oct 25, 2010

Tourism based on fair trade principles has become a fast growing niche. Explore the world’s countries responsibly. Learn how to be fair!

Airport Pampering for Weary Traveler

William Law

- Oct 25, 2010

How to enjoy the delay of your airplane? Try airport spas offering a range of spa and wellness services including chair massages, oxygen therapy or manicure.

Romania: Unique and Undiscovered

Wayne M. Gore

- Oct 25, 2010

Romania is a beautiful country offering pristine nature, friendly atmosphere as well as delicious cuisine. Discover the east European world of chimney cakes, unique churches, and … bloodthirsty vampires.