Airport Spas Growing in Popularity

Laura Maudlin - Oct 25, 2010
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Let’s face it – we all dread going to the airport these days. With longer lines at security, overbooked flights and extensive delays, it is not surprising that what starts out as a dream trip can quickly turn sour before you even board your plane.

Thankfully, weary travelers can now find some soothing relief from all of this frustration and stress. Airport spas are opening in terminals all over the world, offering a peaceful oasis amidst the wild frenzy of people on the go.

This unique concept began with XpresSpa, the world leader in airport spas. The very first XpresSpa transformed the space of a closed smokers’ lounge in John F. Kennedy airport in New York into an atmosphere of peace and tranquility – effectively replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthy one. Now with 28 locations over 2 different continents and many more to come, XpresSpa provides its wide range of relaxing services to travelers all over the globe.

Although XpresSpas are located within the hurried environment of the airport, the atmosphere does not suffer a busied, hectic tone. Golden wood paneling covers the walls and bamboo plants line the open spaces. Relaxing music lingers in the air and invites guests in to the serene environment. From there, the traveler can enjoy one of the renowned XpresSpa Massage Lounger Chairs or peruse the many services for one that suits his or her fancy. Services include massage, nail care and skin care, with available amenities like waxing.

All locations are staffed with trained massage therapists able to give heavenly massages that will release stress and tension built up from the busiest of lives. Neck and back massage is a popular choice and can range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in length, depending on the traveler’s schedule. Full body massages, with a focus on chronic patterns of tension, pamper those with more time – especially those with a long layover between flights – and are performed in a private room.

Guests often take advantage of XpresSpa’s facial treatments after a long business trip leaves them little time to manage a healthy skin regimen. Professional skin care treatments are available at every XpresSpa and range from 20 to 60 minutes in length. Deep cleansing, aromatherapy facials use herbal essential oils and leave skin smooth and radiant for arrival. XpresSpa’s seaweed facials use a honey and milk mask infused with a seaweed serum rich with vitamins, minerals and proteins, to revitalize skin. As add-ons to the facials, XpresSpa has a number of collagen and organic herbal masks to boost skin metabolism, while rejuvenating and firming the entire face.

A busy lifestyle leaves many frequent travelers with damaged nails, making the XpresSpa signature Mani-Xpress and Pedi-Xpress a very popular treatment. The Mani-Xpress and Pedi-Xpress are designed for men and women in a hurry; each is a complete nail care service including filing, buffing, cuticle maintenance and polish, all done quickly and with care. The Mani-Pure and Pedi-Pure both include an additional exfoliating and softening scrub in and a luxurious massage. The most luxurious services are the Deluxe Mani-Pure and Deluxe Pedi-Pure with purifying and hydrating masks included in each treatment.

In addition to the multitude of services available, XpresSpa also offers a number of exclusive products designed for travel, massage and gifts including everything from neck pillows to ease flight discomfort to decorative candles for your home. And spas are not just for women either! Since more than half of their clientele are men, XpresSpa has designed a number of services that cater specifically to the needs of men including the Gentleman’s Facial, which helps soothe razor-burned skin and provides deep-cleansing and toning.

The future is bright for airport spas all over the world, bringing relaxation to tens of thousands of travelers each year. XpresSpa continues to lead the way with more spas opening in more countries, each providing treatments at the same level of service, whether the traveler is in Amsterdam, Netherlands or Atlanta, Georgia, USA. So, if you find yourself feeling worn out while waiting for your flight, look around… there is probably an XpresSpa just waiting to melt away that stress!

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