Chris Grad - Sep 13, 2010
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French tourist board presents one of the economic pillars of Paris. First of its kind in the capital - the Solar Hotel, ecological and cheap - implements a process of urban ecotourism, sustainable development, environment protection and promotes health of its customers.


To prove its commitment, the Solar Hotel saves wherever it can: it uses low consumption lamps, saves water with rainwater collectors, and sorts the waste. It also offers its customers 100% organic breakfast, free bikes and has installed the wi-fi only on the ground floor. Finally, because the project has real results, the hotel publishes yearly carbon footprint.

Franck Laval, an environmental activist and president of the NGO Ecologie Sans Frontières (Ecology without Borders), has been the hotel manager for 15 years. He started his business by choosing to combine low-price offers and all-inclusive service so that clients can manage their budget. Then, he decided to live out his environmental commitment and his work as an entrepreneur with the motto, "Let's prove that ecology is not restricted to luxury establishments only." He has developed a prototype hotel, which is both economical and ecological, with an ambition to offer his model to 25 000 independent hotels in France.

The Solar Hotel is also an “activist” establishment which pledges support to troubled youth in partnership with the School of Second Chance, promotes ecology in the hospitality sector, and welcomes handicapped people. Also, Solar Hotel's prices are consumer friendly: 59 Euros per single room or double room including breakfast and the free use of computers, Internet, phone and bicycles.

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