Bill Alen - Apr 4, 2011
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Pont Aven is a picturesque French town that attracted many painters in 19th century. Nowadays, the town is interesting for tourists who want to see the places that inspired the great artists like Gauguin.


Brittany is a region in France with wonderful and colorful landscape. The history of the region is connected with several famous painters. It was this part of France where Paul Gauguin created his Yellow Christ. To be specific, it was in the local town of Pont Aven. The small town currently attracts many tourists curious about the places where the famous painters worked. Except for Paul Gauguin, the main attractions are Emile Bernard or Paul Serusier who created the ‘Pont-Aven School’ at the end of 19th century.

According to, Gauguin lived there in 1886 before he left for Tahiti in 1888. The beauty of the place drew a lot of painters there. They found their inspiration in local stone buildings as well as wonderful nature. Nowadays, the works of long deceased artists are one of the main attractions of Brittany. There are approximately fifty private galleries. Moreover, during the peak season the town is full of flowers, especially hortensias. There used to be about fourteen watermills on the Aven River too. However, at present a tourist can hear sound of only one mill wheel.

A stone toilet just above the surface of the river is a remarkable piece of achitecture. The public toilet is undisputedly one of the most photographed buildings in Pont Aven. If a tourist walks about one kilometer up the stream they will find Bois D´Amour, which means ‘the woods of love’ in English. It is also a favourite place where the painters often worked. A short walk will take a curious tourist to the chapel Tremalo where they can see the wooden statue of Christ that was the inspiration for the famous Yellow Christ painting by Gauguin.

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