Vanderlei J. Pollack - Sep 5, 2011
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France has welcomed 44% more tourists over the summer compared to the summer season 2010. Foreign visitors mostly explore French cities and the seaside.

The summer season 2011 shows good results for French tourism, according to the recent economic survey by Trump France. The increase of foreign visitors was recorded primarily at the Atlantic coast, in the Paris Basin and in the Mediterranean region. The number of foreign tourists overall rose by 44%, in rural areas by 55%, by 59% at the seaside and by a third in the cities.

The number of visitors coming from Great Britain, Belgium and Netherlands rose over the summer 2011 mainly along the coast and in the cities. The British are coming back to France the most; the mountains nevertheless are the most popular among the Dutch tourists. The number of guests coming from Spain has increased as well especially in the cities and on the coast. The tourist numbers regarding North American visitors also increased as well as the number of Asian travelers, who often prefer the mountains.  

The number of travelers visiting France in August 2011 is satisfactory as well, according to the survey. The numbers are on the same level as in the last year. The tourism experts however expect increasing amount of inbound travelers mainly in the west and southwest regions.  The forecast for September is good as well especially in the cities. The rural regions are on the other hand usually popular among domestic tourists, reported

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