Gary Diskin - Nov 1, 2010
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ApartmentsApart will launch self-calculation in Krakow in November. The company will let its guests decide about the price they want to pay for offered accommodation because customers’ opinion is valued above all in the company.

Company ApartmentsApart, which rents apartments in a number of European cities, prepared a new offer for its clients: guests themselves will decide how much to pay for an overnight stay. Emil Majkowski, CEO of the company in Poland, says that in ApartmentsApart they offer high quality accommodation services and he is sure that customers take the fact into account.

Self-calculation means that the cost of services remains at customer’s discretion. It is offered in some areas of trade or catering businesses, but because of certain risks associated with potential financial losses, it is not used very often. Self-calculation can be found in restaurants where the visitors estimate the cost of meals and pay in accordance with their own consideration and decision.

ApartmentsApart first decided to apply this form of payment in the hotel market. Company representatives point out that clients know best what it costs to provide services for them and they pay according to that. As for ApartmentsApart customer's opinion is valued above all else, they do not expect to have problems with the final paid sums.

The company will start using the self-calculation in Polish cultural capital Krakow in November. If the experiment proves to be successful, this form of payment will be launched in other European destinations. The principle behind self-calculation is as follows: the customer reserves an apartment, pays cleaning costs then meets a representative of the company and discloses the amount of money he or she is going to pay for the room.

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