Gregory Dolgos - Mar 21, 2011
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The financial situation of many hotels in Poland improved last year. Some of the hoteliers even started investing again. However, the price of a room in a Polish hotel is generally lower than in the rest of the European countries.


According to the news published in Rzeczpospolita, more than half of the hotels in Poland improved their financial situation last year. There are over 6,500 hotels and guest houses in Poland and one in four of them managed to better its revenues last year. A research done in the middle of February showed that 47% hoteliers are satisfied with their situation; 18% consider their financial situation as very good, 29% as good, and 6% think their situation is bad.

Hoteliers are so content with their finances that they have started investing again. The whole 747 investments were done in Europe in January, which is a quarter more than last year. Poland shows the same trend. Moreover, hoteliers expect a lot from the Polish presidency of the EU in 2012. The number of overnight stays is predicted to grow and so are the prices.

The average price for a night in a hotel in Europe is €107. Unfortunately, the prices in Poland are usually below the average. According to the data from Trivago, a night in a hotel in Warsaw costs €73, €75 in Wroclaw and €79 in Poznan. An average type of accommodation in Krakow cost €62 in February. There are also more expensive resorts such as for example Zakopane, where a guest will pay €100 for an average hotel room. Sopot is even more expensive; a night in a hotel costs up to €138.

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