William Law - Oct 3, 2011
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Polish airports in Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw are getting ready for greater amount of passengers during EURO 2012.  Quality of services and increased efficiency are the main goals of the reconstructions.

Poland is together with Ukraine one of the hosting countries for the EURO 2012 Football Championship. More than 1 million fans are expected to come to Poland only for the matches, which brings several challenges for the organizers, hospitality industry and transport providers. Several Polish airports are currently reconstructing their facilities to cope with the increased number of passengers.

In June the Gdansk Airport celebrated the completion of a shell and a new passengers’ terminal. A new taxi way is also planned, which should be completed by December. Besides the new terminal a new apron and a plate for de-icing of airplanes should be finished by November, reported

The Poznan Airport is also intensively preparing for the influx of passengers expected to come between 8 June and 1 July 2012, when the Championship takes place. A new passenger terminal is currently under construction and should be open in May 2012. A new apron for the aircraft is also being constructed as well as a parallel taxi way which will increase the operational potential of the airport.

In Wroclaw on the other hand the modernization of the airport is already completed, so the airport is currently able to handle the expected number of visitors. In March 2012 however a new terminal should be open as well. Also, a new apron, roads and taxi way are planned. A new hotel and a railway station in the terminal are also under construction here.

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