Justin N. Froyd - Aug 9, 2010
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Most economic indicators for the year 2010 seem to be positive. Nonetheless, they cannot guarantee that the figures in French tourism will be positive too. That is why TourMaG underwent a survey to find out what the situation in French tourism looks like this year.

According to Henré Novelli, 2010 will be an excellent year as the financial crisis has finally come to its end. However, is this assertion based on objective factors? On the positive side are the affirmative results of the first six months of the year and optimistic predictions for the summer as Atout France reported. However, nobody can be certain about the revenues and impact of last-minute sales.

The weakened Euro compared to Dollar contributed to the fact that the Russians and the Americans started coming to France again. Other positive news is that the visit rate of the mountains boosted due to an exceptionally long winter season. The French overnight stays in hotels also increased over the first six month of the year (by 12%). The main European markets such Germany, England or Italy show the signs of recovery as well as they welcomed 5.5% more tourists over the same period.

According to Atout France, the predictions for French stays in France could be up by 18% in July and by 7% in August. Europeans’ stays are expected to be up 23% in July and 10% in August. And the numbers are even better for the nights. 

The Secretary of State says that the prospects look excellent. However, since not all the figures of the first six month are know and the predictions for summer and fall are uncertain, the authorities cannot make rush conclusions concerning the quality of the French tourism in 2010.

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