Kevin Eagan - Dec 13, 2010

Monaco is renowned as a glamorous destination ideal for rich, luxury-seeking visitors. However, change is at hand as the Principality targets Indian cost-conscious travellers.


Monaco is a glamorous high-end destination where the richest like to ‘come and play’. Decades of luxury tourism have polished its reputation and today, visitors from all over the world come there to experience it, even if just for one day. Home to royalty, some of the world’s finest chefs or the F1 Grand Prix, Monaco welcomes some 4.5 million tourists annually. Year on year, the numbers of Indians coming there increase, and nowadays they have reached a significant height local authorities can no longer overlook. The Monaco Government Tourist Office and Convention Authority (MGTOCA) has started a campaign to promote Monaco to Indian tourists who like to travel on a budget.

At the end of November, the MGTOCA participated in organizing road shows in Mumbai and New Delhi; these focused on presenting appealing hospitality and tourism products. In short, the Indians were lured to visit Monaco to explore its culture and many entertaining events, come for a fantastic spa holiday, shopping tour, discover the gastronomic genius of local culinary talents, and experience a night at the casino.

MGTOCA primarily targets India in terms of leisure holiday, honeymoons and weddings. In fact, a major wedding featuring hundreds of guests will take place there next year. Inviting representatives of Indian travel trade for FAM trips is a clear priority and organizing events of international exposure are likewise proving very effective. Monaco has seen James Bond or Alfred Hitchcock, but perhaps sometime soon, Bollywood movies might be made there too, which is part of a recent initiative as well.

The goal is not only to invite visitors for longer stays but also to raise the current 17% of annual revenue from tourism in Monaco to 25% by 2015. The challenge is on.

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