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A dish without any ingredients from animals – that is the concept of veganism in gastronomy. Beyond the food pan, integrating this way of life into a tourist offer can be complex. However, more and more initiatives are being taken by professionals in the tourism sector to satisfy these growing numbers of customers.

For tourism professionals – hotels, cruise lines or tour operators – vegan tourism is a question of designing holiday packages adapted in particular to the food consumption of vegetarians and vegan people.

While the first step is to guarantee them the absence of ingredients of animal origin on the hotel restaurant menu to avoid the endless question "Is there a meat-free alternative within the menu?", this new form of tourism consists above all in ensuring a more ethical approach for travelers seeking responsible holiday.

More than 500 establishments worldwide that meet the requirements of vegetarian and vegan travelers are part of the German network "Veggie Hotels". They are hotels, but also guest rooms, cottages... In addition, restaurants can also be found that ensure gluten-free meals in France and throughout Europe, but also in other continents including Africa. 

For its part, the tour operator EcoTours has launched for the first time a range of stays in France that consist not only in providing meat-free meals but also in discovering new ways of planting in line with veganism: visiting a vineyard run in biodynamic or organic agriculture for example. Holidaymakers participate in excursions on horseback and can also learn to cook wild plants. Ecotours plans to take its travelers to meet "those who do veganism", such as shopkeepers and restaurateurs.

Vegan tourists can now participate in cruises that have been entirely designed according to their philosophy. Vegan Travel, based in Germany, has made it its credo. After leading an itinerary in Norway in September 2017 in which 1,000 travelers took part, the specialist is organizing a new eight-day water escape to Chile and Patagonia in spring 2020. On board, passengers have the opportunity to meet chefs who teach them good tips for cooking plant products. And at dinner time, they are even entitled to a gourmet experience with food and wine pairings. In the cabin, the company ensures that it provides 100% ethical products.

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