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While vegans and vegetarians already know which eateries offer the best meat-free food in their own localities, finding appropriate restaurants, bars and cafes can be a challenge when traveling. As food tourism continues booming, based on the data from the holiday rentals search engine Holidu, Tourism Review presents German cities with the most facilities for vegans and vegetarians in relation to the number of inhabitants. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or omnivore – you are welcomed to a culinary tour of Germany.

10. Darmstadt – 23 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants

In Darmstadt, "meatless" lovers can expect a total of ten restaurants that serve exclusively vegetarian and vegan meals. There is something for everyone in another 40 eateries.


9. Aachen – 25 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants

Aachen takes ninth place in the "veggie-friendly" city ranking. Two fully vegan and three vegetarian restaurants can be found here. 64 establishments cater to all three inclination groups.

8. Mannheim – 26 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants

Rather known for its baroque buildings, the university and the Luisenpark, not even vegans necessarily immediately think of Mannheim as a suitable city for vegan food. But lo and behold, closer investigation reveals: The city is an absolute insider tip and makes it to the eighth place in the ranking!

7. Freiburg im Breisgau – 27 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants

Freiburg im Breisgau is also an oasis for fans of the meat-free diet. Hungry people can find a suitable meal in more than 62 restaurants. Fans of purely vegan and vegetarian food can choose from a total of ten restaurants geared to this.

6. Hamburg – 29 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants

Another well-known travel destination among German cities is Hamburg, the second largest city in the country. There are 264 restaurants here that welcome omnivores, vegetarians and vegans. Seven of them have focused on vegan food and 32 on vegetarian food. Everyone is sure to be served in Hamburg!

5. Saarbrücken – 30 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants

Saarbrücken may not be known as the center of the vegan scene, with the first completely vegan restaurant only opening in 2015. Nevertheless, the city makes it to the fifth place thanks to the ratio of restaurants to population.

4. Mainz – 32 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants

Mainz has a small but fine selection of purely vegan and vegetarian restaurants. In relation to the number of inhabitants, the carnival stronghold takes fourth place. Anyone who explores Mainz's old town will quickly notice that alternative restaurants are literally coming and going.

3. Düsseldorf – 34 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants

Düsseldorf occupies the third place with a density of 34.89. Guests can find meat alternatives in over 200 restaurants, 6 of which are completely vegan and a full 12 are exclusively vegetarian.

2. Frankfurt am Main – 35 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants

Frankfurt made it to the second place in the ranking. There are 35.11 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants here, making the city a true paradise for those who completely forgo meat. 16 facilities offer purely vegan dishes, while 20 restaurants specialize in vegetarian-living diners.

1. Heidelberg – 101 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants

The surprising winner of the ranking is Heidelberg. Despite having only about 160,000 inhabitants, the city is extremely vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. For every 100,000 inhabitants, there are a total of 101.56 restaurants here, where people who eat a meat-free diet also get their money's worth.

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