Gregory Dolgos - Dec 4, 2017
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Most people traveling to Spain are excited to try the local cuisine in all its forms and varieties. However, it is estimated that about 10% of the world's population is vegetarian. Many of these people are also passionate travelers who love exploring vegetarian destinations. presents a list of the 5 best Spanish cities in terms of their offer of vegetarian food.

1/ Granada

Granada: La Alhambra, tapas and... the Spanish city best suited for vegetarian travelers. The only Andalusian city on the list, Granada takes the top ranking due to its density of 0.43 vegan or vegetarian restaurants per 10 000 inhabitants. "Jamón de Trevelez" (ham), "plato alpujarreño" (chorizo, blood sausage, ham) and "moraga de sardinas" (sardines) are some of Granada's most popular dishes, but this Andalusian city has also taken the lead among Spanish cities in terms of offering vegan and vegetarian alternatives, which are becoming increasingly popular.

2/ Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The capital of Tenerife takes the second position overall and is the leader among the Canary Islands. This is quite an achievement given that the traditional basis of this island's cuisine is fish! Vegetarian alternatives are becoming increasingly popular in Tenerife; a few of its most typical dishes are wrinkled potatoes and "gofio" (a flour made from roasted grains).

3/ Barcelona

Despite taking the third position, it was inevitable that Barcelona should make it to the podium. It seems that the Veg-Friendly project – approved in 2016 – for the promotion of vegan culture is already starting to show its results. The Catalan capital has around 57 vegan and vegetarian restaurants. One for every week of the year! According to Eric Brennt, founder of Happycow, a website specializing in vegan restaurants: "Some cities like Barcelona are leading the movement towards a more vegetarian diet in Spain by offering high-quality cuisine".

4/ Palma de Mallorca

A prime destination for foreign tourists, it is now also a destination of choice for tourists who prefer a healthy, meat-free diet. Of the thousands of restaurants, bars, and cafés to be found in the capital of the Balearic Islands, a large portion are reserved for vegetarians.

5/ San Sebastian

Although San Sebastian has an international reputation for its cuisine, few people are aware that it also offers a wide assortment of vegetarian alternatives. While many people will be interested in feasting on San Sebastian's famous "pintxos" (usually meat), vegetarians visiting San Sebastian can rest assured that they will be able to find many delicious meals.

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