ETHICAL/ Green and Greener Tourism Trends

Tourism and environment – this is one of the hot issues that have been discussed by world travel associations. A number of destinations are trying to become more eco-friendly and the amount of green projects is growing.



Is Tourism Good for the Environment?

Michael Trout

Although it is no longer rare to find on a hotel bed a sign asking the guest to reuse his/her towel or to accept having sheets changed once every three days rather than once a day, many people still wonder if tourism is an environmentally friendly industry. Due to past mistakes the public is often cynical about tourism and it is not unusual to hear people wondering out loud if the desire to change sheets once every three days is more about saving the hotel money then about saving the environment...

South Africa: MICE Sector Is Taking the Greener Road

Richard Moor

Creating travel incentives and options that are green is important in the modern tourism industry, especially as businesses try to appeal to environmentally-conscious travelers. This concept is however becoming even more important in South Africa as their MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) industry tries to deal with a slow increase in business tourism. The problems of green business tourism in South Africa South Africa has had some issues lately regarding tourism and econom...

Cayman Islands: Eco-tourism Protect Local Turtle Population

Daniel A. Tanner

Tourism could help protect local nesting turtle populations in Cayman Islands, but it can also be destructive, according to researchers. Beachfront lighting can affect turtles a lot. In order to avoid the extinction of turtles, eco-tourism can be a responsible way of protecting these animals. Turtles use beaches for deploying their eggs and they can be an unforgettable experience for tourists, who can see turtle tracks, nests and even females laying eggs. When baby turtles come out from the s...

Blenheim Palace Hits Gold with its Green Tourism Initiatives

Gary Diskin

The Blenheim Palace, the UK’s World Heritage Site, has hit gold – quite literally. The palace improved its Green Tourism and Business Scheme ranking from silver to gold by plugging leaks in its pipeline. The estate tied up with Thames Water to identify and plug the leaks in its ancient pipeline layout in order to reduce water consumption. In addition to this, an automatic water monitor has been set up on the premises and a plan to install water-saving equipment at different location ...