DESTINATION/ Turkey: The Mediterranean Pearl

Turkey – the land of stunning nature, dynamic history and unique culture. Every year more and more travelers discover this country and its mosques, museums as well as crystal clear water and sandy beaches.


Travel and Tourism in Turkey: Market Insight

Richard Moor

Travel and tourism is one of the most dynamic industries in Turkey. Despite the economic crisis, this industry continued to grow in Turkey in 2010, although at a slower rate compared with the average for the review period as a whole (2005-2010). As a result of a number of factors, including the high proportion of the younger population increasingly taking professional jobs in urban areas, Turkey was less affected by the economic crisis than most other Western European countries, which favoure...

Izmir: The Pearl of the Aegean

Daniel A. Tanner

Izmir, a city that lies in the Aegean region of Turkey, has a history that goes back to 3000 B.C. Many civilizations passed the region and many legends are told about this beautiful city, including stories with the Amazon warriors as well as with Alexander the Great. Every single civilization that passed by or settled here had a great interest in Izmir, not just for its strategic importance as a port on the Aegean but they were also struck by its beauty. That is also the reason for a Turkish ...

Antalya's Tourism Industry Changing Fast

Wayne M. Gore

There have been surprising changes in tourism statistics in the southern province of Antalya with the start of the 2011 tourism season. While the number of German tourists is on the decline, Russian tourist numbers skyrocketed during the first three months of 2011. A similar swing has also occurred among Israeli and Iranian visitors The changing face of tourism in Antalya has surprised many in the southern province so far in 2011, as visits from Germans and Israelis have dropped sharply while...

Istanbul: The Love of Continents

Ashley Nault

“If the world was a single state, Istanbul would be the capital.” Napoleon Harmonizing all colors and diversities of Turkey, Istanbul is considered among the top 10 destinations of the world. Istanbul has been inspiring many artists with its dynamic life, modern avenues touched by history; museums mingled with art; palaces, kiosks and monumental buildings portraying unique examples of various architectural styles; mosques, churches and synagogues which have claimed their eterna...

Turkey: Emerging Medical Tourism Hot Spot

Daniel A. Tanner

Medical tourism has emerged as a global phenomenon during the last few years motivated by huge healthcare costs in the West and limited infrastructure. Healthcare services requirement in the US and many countries of Europe have substantially increased, however the growth in supply has been limited, causing long waiting queues for patients seeking advanced medical procedures. According to the research report called “Emerging Medical Tourism in Turkey”, Turkey has come up as a quite...