Turkish Medical Tourism Booming

Daniel A. Tanner - Apr 25, 2011
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Medical tourism has emerged as a global phenomenon during the last few years motivated by huge healthcare costs in the West and limited infrastructure. Healthcare services requirement in the US and many countries of Europe have substantially increased, however the growth in supply has been limited, causing long waiting queues for patients seeking advanced medical procedures.

According to the research report called “Emerging Medical Tourism in Turkey”, Turkey has come up as a quite attractive spot for medical travelers who can get high quality medical services at lower costs than in their own countries. These factors are expected to drive the medical tourism market in Turkey at around 32% during 2010-2014.

According to the report, Turkey will witness a growing number of tourists seeking various medical procedures in the country. Large number of standardized (JCI Accredited) facilities will also help attracting a large number of medical tourists. Besides, many of the medical facilities in Turkey, apart from being accredited by JCI, are affiliated to top notch healthcare providers, including Harvard Medical School and John Hopkins Hospital.

The research study also discusses other factors that are contributing to the growth of medical tourism market in Turkey. Considering its close association with the aviation and other industries, medical tourism has lured huge private investments owing to the rising demand. The country has witnessed hefty investments in the tourism infrastructure with the increasing demand for dentistry, cosmetic surgery, thermal tourism etc.


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